How to Vote in NYC, and How Lawmakers Can Stop New York's Board of Elections From Being Such a Gaffe Factory

On September 29, 100,000 New Yorkers (myself among them) received misprinted absentee ballots that had someone else's name on the return envelopes. The gaffe was the result of a multimillion-dollar error from a third-party vendor (way to go, Phoenix Graphics), but it's still not a great look for the New York City Board of Elections, which has a history of negligent and sometimes suspicious practices that have left thousands of voters disenfranchised in past elections. (The board is mailing corrected ballots out to voters this week.)

In this important voter empowerment episode, I talk with Sarah Goff, deputy director of Common Cause New York, who joins me to discuss what happened with Brooklyn's absentee ballots, how the New York City Board of Elections actually works, and outlines what we New Yorkers can do to make sure our voices are heard in the 2020 election.

For more info on how and when to vote in New York, please visit: vote.nyc (for NYC), www.elections.ny.gov (for elsewhere in New York State) and check out my blog at votinginthedark.com.

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